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The Big Business of Fake Fans

In September 2012, a would-be pop star who goes by BAKER — one word, all caps — was scheduled to play the House of Blues on the Sunset Strip from 8 to 9 p.m. Tickets were available for $10 at eventbrite.com, a do-it-yourself event-ticketing site. Yet three months later, BAKER...

Spank Rock, Wolfrock and Honest Hips

James Hunter: People Gonna Talk (Go/Rounder) James Hunter is a 42-year-old Sam Cooke sound-alike who’s had a not particularly illustrious career as Van Morrison’s favorite blue-eyed soul singer. Translation: He’s an unknown, middle-aged white guy. Hunter cut records in ’96 and ’01 that are reputedly fine, but no one heard......

Baby Love

Photo by Sarah St. Clair RenardWhenever there’s a large gathering of independent musicians, like the annual DIY Music conference in Hollywood, it ain’t Frank Black who’s treated like a conquering hero and resident Wise Man of indie rock; it’s Derek Sivers, an odd-looking yet friendly character with disarmingly blue eyes......
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