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Dumbfoundead never could get the Macarena quite right.; Credit: PHOTO BY JENNIE WARREN


Dumbfoundead can condense a quarter-century into four minutes. Watch the YouTube video for the Koreatown rapper's life story disguised as a single, "Are We ...

The L.A. Weekly Interview: Best Coast

"It's crazy. It is. It's bizarre to me. It's something that, ever since things started to take off with Best Coast, I've been baffled by on a daily basis," says Bethany Cosentino. The previous week, NME, the U.K.'s arbiter of musical culture, had published its "Cool List" and Cosentino had......
Credit: Star Foreman

Best of L.A.: Shopping

View individual winners for "Best of L.A.: Shopping" and "Best of L.A.: Services" BEST-VALUE VETERINARIAN When a puppy dog looks up at you from inside its cage with, well, those puppy dog eyes, it’s saying “Take me home with you.” What it’s not saying, but should be, is “Between my......

The B-Sides: Blu Interview

Contrary to popular belief, Blu did not take his name from the Eiffel 65 song popular in the late 90s. Q: So where exactly in LA did you grow up? A: I was born at St. Andrews and 54th, at my grandparent’s crib, that’s where I was living last year......

An Interview With Pete Rock

Pete Rock needs no introduction. His new album NY's Finest drops on Tuesday. While it might not be a classic on the level of a Soul Survivors or Mecca & The Soul Brother, it's a strong record with occasionally great moments. But buyer beware: Jim Jones yells "floooosssssiiiin'" no less......
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