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No Age Makes a Record for an Era When Records Don't Matter

There's a magenta slash of ink on Dean Spunt's gray pants. His beard betrays the stubble of the self-employed. His long, brown hair is slightly wet and looped behind his ears. He looks more like a painter stumbling out of the art district than the drummer, singer and sometime bassist......
Dumbfoundead never could get the Macarena quite right.; Credit: PHOTO BY JENNIE WARREN


Dumbfoundead can condense a quarter-century into four minutes. Watch the YouTube video for the Koreatown rapper's life story disguised as a single, "Are We ...
Credit: Star Foreman

Best of L.A.: Shopping

View individual winners for "Best of L.A.: Shopping" and "Best of L.A.: Services" BEST-VALUE VETERINARIAN When a puppy dog looks up at you from inside its cage with, well, those puppy dog eyes, it’s saying “Take me home with you.” What it’s not saying, but should be, is “Between my......
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